The ability to improve productivity and add value to an organization is essential to creating competitive advantage.  The Hill Group can help your organization increase its profitability through a variety of process improvement, business modeling, resource allocation services, and turn-around management services.

Process Improvement

Competition drives organizations to develop more effective and cost-efficient ways to produce products and deliver services.  The Hill Group can help your organization to identify processes in need of improvement, analyze the complex components of the process, and develop strategies for continuous improvement.  Our services also will help your organization to:

  • Reduce variation in products and services
  • Increase efficiency by removing activities that do not add value to the organization
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Organizational Capacity Reviews and Assessments

As nonprofit organizations play increasingly important roles in our society, it becomes even more critical for them to perform effectively.  Consequently, there has been a shift in focus from exclusive programmatic assessments to a growing interest in management practices that contribute to building high-performing organizations.

The Hill Group utilizes a nationally recognized Capacity Assessment Grid to objectively gather and evaluate data regarding 10 organizational areas:

  1. Mission, Vision, Strategy, and Planning
  2. Program Design and Evaluation
  3. Human Resources
  4. CEO and Senior Management Team Leadership
  5. Information Technology
  6. Financial Management
  7. Fund Development
  8. Board Leadership
  9. Legal Affairs
  10. Marketing, Communication, and External Relations

Our consultants engage a variety of stakeholders in capacity assessments, including executive directors, board members, staff, and clients.  We provide actionable recommendations to ensure that our clients have the advice and tools they need to become sustainable, high-performing organizations.

Business Modeling and Resource Allocation

Organizations often are challenged to maximize value from a limited pool of resources.  The Hill Group can provide your organization with business modeling and resource allocation services that provide quantitative data essential to your company’s decision-making processes.  Our consultants take complex problems and develop electronic models to simulate a variety of alternatives and forecast different scenarios.  In addition, our consultants will help you to develop action plans in alignment with your organization’s needs.

Turn-Around Management

Internal and external factors can impair an organization from achieving its strategic goals.  Our consultants can help organizations at critical junctures to develop quick, decisive strategies to significantly improve performance.