Case Studies

Capacity Review – Energy


Energy consulting organization - Pittsburgh, PA

The Hill Group's Role

  • Organizational Capacity Review
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Focus Group Facilitation
  • Data Analysis
  • Interviews
  • Document Review


  • Enabled board to obtain funding for governance improvement and training to develop board leadership

The Hill Group, Inc. has a rich history in designing, developing, and implementing human resources measurement systems. An engagement with a Georgia-based utility services provider is one example of this core competency.

Our client recognized that employees are a critical asset to business operations. Employee attitude and opinion is correlated to workplace performance, which impacts productivity and quality. Organizational culture also is correlated positively with internal and external customer satisfaction. To ultimately exceed customers’ expectations, our client focuses on product quality, which is maintained and improved by its most important asset – its people. Our consulting team systematically gathered input on key issues to design a reliable, valid system for measuring employees’ attitudes, opinions, and reactions to current and important workplace issues.

A focus on continuous improvement was fundamental to the design and development of the system. Continuous improvement can be achieved only through measurement systems that include benchmarking. Thus, the human resources measurement sys- tem was standardized and grounded in a valid set of variables instrumental to measuring employee satisfaction, internal customer satisfaction, employee commitment, and retention.

Our client utilized our comprehensive survey development, administration, and data analysis expertise in five areas:

1. Pulse Opinion Surveys
2. Employee Opinion Surveys
3. Separation Surveys
4. New Hire Surveys
5. Internal Service Quality Surveys

Implementation of the human resources measurement system enables our client to measure lead business indicators. Management can proactively improve operations, effectively manage its human resources assets, and ultimately provide outstanding products and services to its customers.