Case Studies

Organizational Capacity Review – Strategic Planning, and Business Planning Processes


Manchester Bidwell Corporation, a nonprofit educational organization

The Hill Group's Role

  • Organizational Capacity Review
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Business Planning
  • Focus Group Facilitation
  • Data Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Market Research


  • Completed a capacity review to identify organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Engaged internal and external stakeholders to build consensus and enthusiasm for initiatives
  • Completed a three-year Strategic Plan focusing on five key Strategic Initiatives
  • Developed a Business Plan for a $10 million endowment campaign. The Business Plan assisted the organization in securing a lead gift from the Heinz Endowments

The Hill Group, Inc., with support from the Heinz Endowments, completed a series of pro- jects to enhance the capacity and sustainability of a Manchester Bidwell Corporation (MBC). MBC is a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit educational organization. Its three major programs in- clude Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, Bidwell Training Center, and the National Center for Arts and Technology. Consultants completed this project in three phases, including an or- ganizational capacity review, strategic planning process, and business planning process.

Phase I – Organizational Capacity Review

The capacity review engaged internal and external stakeholders in identifying the organiza- tion’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. The Hill Group focused the capacity re- view on the following 10 dimensions:

  • Mission, Vision, Strategy, and Planning Program Design and Evaluation
  • Human Resources
  • CEO/Senior Management Team Leadership Information Technology
  • Financial Management
  • Fund Development
  • Board Leadership
  • Legal Affairs
  • Marketing, Communication, and External Relations

Phase II – Strategic Planning Process

The second step in this project was the creation of a Strategic Plan which utilized findings and recommendations from the organizational capacity review as drivers of the process. Consultants engaged the Board of Directors, senior management, and staff in refining the organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values and defining the organization’s Goals and Objec- tives over a five-year time horizon.

Phase III – Business Planning Process

One of the organization’s major programs identified the need to establish a $10 million endowment to sustain its impact on students in the Pittsburgh region. The Hill Group facilitated a business planning process which built the business case for an endowment and created timelines and accountability for the campaign. This Business Plan assisted the nonprofit in securing a lead gift from the Heinz Endowments and will be presented to other potential funders throughout the endowment campaign.