Case Studies

Strategic Planning Initiative


Insurance and Financial Services Company

The Hill Group's Role

  • Research
  • Survey Design
  • Group Facilitation
  • Data Analysis
  • Strategy Formulation


  • Enhanced understanding of internal and external issues
  • Amplified opportunities for business development
  • Increased commitment to goal attainment
  • Implemented performance measurement and management systems

An Ohio insurance and financial services company used services of The Hill Group, Inc. to develop a strategic plan to increase success, measured in re- duced costs and increased revenue. The consulting team initially met with key stakeholders within the business unit to understand their unique needs. These interviews provided valuable insight, helped develop relationships, and established core planning areas. Specific areas for tactical development in- cluded recruitment, retention and growth, retentive sales, new sales, and re- ferrals. The consulting team actively worked with key stakeholders to de- velop a strategic plan that was clearly defined, targeted, time-sensitive, and ensured accountability.

The plan included the following areas:

♦ Environmental Scan/Risk Analysis
♦ Vision
♦ Mission
♦ Philosophies/Values
♦ Strategy Development
♦ Strategic Initiatives
♦ Tactical Plans
♦ Strategic Control

This participatory approach to creating an actionable, value-added strategic plan positioned our client to chart a course for future goal achievement.