The education landscape is changing at a fast pace.  Rapid technology advancements, demographic changes, and shrinking state and federal budgets make delivering quality education a challenge, while educational institutions are facing greater scrutiny than ever before.  Whether through No Child Left Behind to Race to the Top in pre-K-12 or changes to federal financial aid for higher education, leaders are faced with the task of doing more with less.  The Hill Group helps our clients in education navigate through today’s complex environment while providing the tools they need to proactively plan for the challenges of tomorrow.

With more and more emphasis on evidenced-based outcomes, leaders in education are pushed to identify performance metrics and collect and synthesize large amounts of data. Because it’s difficult to manage what you do not measure, our team can assist in identifying the metrics that truly matter in performance, pinpoint important trends, and help you make real-time, data-driven decisions.

We understand that education is workforce and economic development.  Education is the single-most important enabler to improving the quality of life for a region.  In today’s global marketplace, workers of all ages must be prepared with the skills necessary to enter and remain in the workforce and to continuously adapt and learn to stay competitive.  The Hill Group partners with pre-K-12, community and technical colleges, and colleges and universities to align curriculum and programs to meet the needs of employers.

In education, the focus on process improvement is pervasive.  Public and private pre-K-12 schools, community colleges and technical schools, and four-year higher educational institutions are devoting more resources than ever to understanding the drivers of student success and to amplifying positive impact and learning outcomes.  The Hill Group can help you assess and ensure that your programs and their delivery are as effective and efficient as they can be.

In today’s tough economic environment, educational institutions must frequently balance increased demand for services with declining revenue streams.  Whether you are considering expansion of services or cost-cutting measures, our experts can help you align spending with strategic priorities and stretch your budget without compromising educational quality.