The Hill Group has partnered with CPWDC on multiple projects. CPWDC first engaged The Hill Group to establish a Health Care Industry Partnership in June 2006. Between October 2006 and January 2007, The Hill Group facilitated a strategic planning process with CPWDC’s Health Care Industry Partnership. The planning process focused on improving governance, increasing advocacy, improving education, and increasing the supply of health care workers.

Following the strategic planning process, the CPWDC Health Care Industry Partnership utilized The Hill Group’s research, data analysis, and strategy development services to conduct a supply-demand assessment of health care occupations in the region. The Hill Group provided research and technical assistance to the assessment. The assessment provides an overview analysis of 26 occupations identified by the Steering Committee and recommendations for building data collection infrastructure.

CPWDC and The Hill Group also partnered to conduct a workforce Gap Analysis in the health care industry to continue the work completed in the Healthcare Assessment. The Hill Group provided focus group facilitation and data analysis to Gap Analysis project.