Our Leadership

Dr. Chris W. Brussalis


Dr. Chris Brussalis is the Chairman of The Hill Group, Inc. He is also Adjunct Professor of Management and Policy at the Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University. Chris provides counsel in strategy to numerous Fortune 500 corporations, large institutions, and state governments, and has extensive experience in public policy and economic development. In addition to serving as the Chairman and owner of The Hill Group, Chris provides services in the following areas:

  • Strategy development
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Turnaround management
  • Interim leadership support
  • Board leadership and governance
  • Higher education research and analytics
  • Decision support and analysis
  • Business analytics and intelligence
  • Organizational core competency development and management
  • College and university financial and operational turnarounds

Ned Laubacher

President & CEO

Ned Laubacher, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Hill Group, has spearheaded growth strategies and financial turnarounds throughout his healthcare career as both a CXO and strategic advisor to the C-team. Ned’s areas of expertise include:

  • Growth and business development priorities
  • Employer health and wellness initiatives
  • Provider direct contracting
  • Healthcare value-based care strategies
  • Health analytics for employers
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Care innovation adoption
  • Performance improvement in finance, operations, and governance
  • Financial and operational turnarounds

Jordan R. Pallitto

Chief Operating Officer

Jordan Pallitto, Chief Operating Officer and Consultant at The Hill Group, specializes in strategy development and business planning for organizations across sectors, with a particularly deep focus on nonprofit agency capacity building as a PA Association of Nonprofit Organizations Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant. He is a scholar practitioner in business and provides services in the following areas:

  • Long-term strategic planning
  • Business planning for new ventures and social enterprises
  • Board governance assessment and development
  • Organizational assessment, development, and capacity building
  • Strategic alliance investigation, preparation, and execution
  • Shared services design and implementation
  • Succession planning
  • Economic impact assessments
  • Public participation and stakeholder engagement
  • Optimization modeling and quantitative analysis

Travis J. Deschamps

Executive Vice President


  • Optimization modeling and quantitative analysis

Daniel L. DeMarco

Vice President & General Counsel

Dan DeMarco, Vice President and General Counsel for The Hill Group, provides leadership as a versatile and experienced member of the team and oversees human resources activities. As General Counsel, Dan advises The Hill Group on legal affairs, provides legal representation, and administers contracts. Although The Hill Group cannot provide legal advice, Dan provides insight to clients in the following areas:

  • Legal ethics
  • Analysis of legal issues
  • Contract writing and execution
  • Merger and acquisition legal considerations

Dr. Paul Hennigan

Senior Consultant

Dr. Paul Hennigan is a Senior Consultant at The Hill Group, Inc. and the President Emeritus of Point Park University. Paul has extensive experience in higher education and finance and primarily provides services to College and University leadership. Paul’s areas of expertise include:

  • University visioning
  • Strategic planning
  • Private and confidential executive coaching
  • Board/President Board relations
  • Financial analysis
  • Enrollment management
  • Economic development
  • Campus master planning
  • Innovative program design, including doctoral programs and online degree programs
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Fund development and donor relations

Sara Longo


Sara Longo, Consultant at The Hill Group, brings over 10 years of experience directing startups, nonprofits, and projects within life science and technology companies, and has done international advocacy work in sustainability and environmental health. Sara’s areas of expertise include:

  • Long-term strategic planning
  • Business planning
  • Sustainability and circular economy planning and education
  • Operational leadership
  • Technology and Internet of Things (IOT) project implementation
  • Partner and community development
  • Nonprofit management
  • Grant writing and fundraising
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Startup development

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