Ensuring that an organization is efficiently and effectively utilizing resources to its full potential


Process Improvement

Competition drives organizations to innovate or improve production and delivery methods in an effort to increase production levels and reduce costs.  Adding an outside partner to this process provides the objectivity that is required during current process assessment, identification, and prioritization of improvement solutions.

The Hill Group can help your organization identify processes in need of changes or enhancements, analyze the complex components of the process, design strategies for continuous improvement, and assist in the implementation of process improvement initiatives.  We will use a variety of problem solving, decision making, and project management approaches coupled with metrics, controls, and contemporary methods of analysis to help structure your process improvement project.

Our process improvement and innovation services can provide substantial benefits to your organization, including greater strategic value, higher quality products and services with reduced variation, increased operational efficiency through more efficient resource utilization, accelerated time to market, strengthened bottom line, and improved customer satisfaction.

Business Model Development & Innovation

Business models form the basis of business planning and today more than ever, play a critical role in company success.  Articulating how a business will earn revenue, a business model describes how a company is positioned within the industry value chain and how it relates with customers, vendors, and partners to generate profit.  In some markets, business model differentiation has become the new basis of competition and a means of protecting profit margins.  Companies can innovate their business model through fundamental changes in the delivery of value to customers by the development of new revenue streams or distribution channels.

The Hill Group will work with you to design a business model that maximizes your revenue potential by developing a value proposition and pricing structure that can be conveyed effectively to customers, vendors, and partners. Within the rapidly changing market environments of today, an innovative business model is required to sustain market leadership.  Our consultants will assist in defining your core capabilities and looking at your products and services in new ways in order to leverage your capabilities and creatively apply them to products.  We will help you align your decisions regarding change to your business model to avoid wasting valuable time and resources.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Weather you are making the decision to acquire or sell a company, merge with another company, or establish a joint venture, The Hill Group can take you through the process from valuation to due diligence, deal documentation, and tactical negotiation approaches. We will provide the detailed knowledge and customized plan to assist with making sound decisions when entering a deal. Based on your unique situation as an acquirer or seller, our team will conduct traditional valuation analysis as well as supplemental and special situation analysis such as evaluation of various prices, merger consequences, recapitalization, and others providing you with a broad rage of data. Our due diligence research focuses on strategic position, financial data, operational analysis, and legal matters to aide with valuation and transaction structure.

Once the deal is complete, The Hill Group can assist with post-acquisition and merger integration by assisting with the development and implementation of strategy to help achieve the necessary revenue and cost synergies that add value. Our team can assist with managing finances, establishing effective governance, prioritize business initiatives, pursue opportunities, reduce costs, manage and assess human capital, and design a customer service plan.

Resource Allocation

Organizations often are challenged to maximize value from a limited pool of resources. The Hill Group can provide your organization with resource allocation services that provide quantitative data essential to your company’s decision-making processes.  Our consultants take complex problems and develop electronic models to simulate a variety of alternatives and forecast different scenarios in order to ensure the effective and efficient deployment of resources across the organization, including financial assets, inventory, human capital, production supplies, and information technology.

The resource allocation plan developed for your organization will help to ensure that the correct amount of resources are allocated to project management, scheduling, and team management while taking into account resource availability and project time.  In addition, our consultants will help you to develop action plans in alignment with your organization’s needs to aid in acquiring, coordinating, scheduling, and planning resources to reach your project and organizational goals.

Feasibility Analysis

A feasibility analysis can help to evaluate your potential business or project for success. Having an objective third party conduct the analysis will lend credibility to the study for potential investors, lending institutions, and partners.

Our team will assess the relevant economic, technical, legal, operational, and scheduling factors to ascertain the likelihood of implementing the project successfully. The feasibility analysis will then serve as a solid foundation for developing your business plan and identifying the factors needed to make your business efficient and effective.   Informed by the feasibility analysis, a business plan will pinpoint logistical and other business-related problems and solutions and create operational, marketing and fund development strategies.

The final feasibility study will provide your stakeholders with an analysis that results in a go/no-go decision.


Program Development

Tied closely to effective resource allocation, the development of a program requires the collection of organizational resources with the intention of accomplishing a major goal or series of goals.  Whether, your program is a large business effort with limited duration and a defined set of deliverables or a new ongoing set of activities internal to the organization, The Hill Group can help provide the necessary tools and knowledge base to develop an efficient plan.

Our consulting team will work with you to develop programs through a wide range of research, analysis, and planning services that are aligned with the mission and strategic objectives of your organization to expand and deepen impact. We will help you design clear goals, outcomes, and effective evaluation methods into programmatic design to analyze goal achievement, measure results, and ensure continuous improvement.

Throughout the development process, our team will help to coordinate planning teams and gain input from a wide constituent base ranging from the Board of Directors to potential internal and external customers.  Your final program design plan will coordinate with other organizational programs and consider potential innovative partnerships and delivery systems.

Financial Management

Financial management is one of the most important responsibilities within a business and align tactical practices to business strategy.  Strong financial management processes are designed to provide clear and concise information that supports corporate decision making. The Hill Group can assist in creating efficient financial operations and developing effective decision support.

Management decisions impact profits, cash flow, and the overall financial condition and performance of the company.  Our team can help align management principles and financial practices, develop strong internal control systems and fiscal policies, optimize fund utilization and profit allocation, analyze contingency, innovation, and expansion reserve requirements, and implement cost controls.

We can also assist with strategic financial management practices such as forecasting, risk management, and revenue development plans that keep your management team focused on the long-term organizational vision and goals.

Business Transformation and Change Management

Internal and external factors can impair an organization from achieving its strategic goals. Our consultants can help organizations at critical junctures to develop decisive strategies to significantly improve performance.  Business transformation is often necessary to maintain growth in today’s highly competitive marketplace.  It goes beyond incremental change and involves strategic decisions regarding organizational operation and performance that affect your business and operating models and ultimately your value proposition.  The Hill Group can help facilitate your business transformation and determine the individual, system, technology, team, or department change management projects required for effective performance improvement.

Our team can help with the implementation of business transformation strategies and design plans to address the implementation challenges that often arise.  Effective change management goes beyond the technical tasks undertaken and involves the process, tools, and techniques used to manage the people side of change to achieve the required outcomes.  We can help you develop a focused plan that helps employees move embrace, adopt, and utilize the change necessary for the transformation effort in their day-to-day work.

Market Research & Analysis

The Hill Group conducts market research and provides data analysis for a wide rage of business entities including government agencies, corporations, universities, health care systems, and nonprofit organizations. A market research and data analysis report will provide you with a synthesis of information around a specific question or research inquiry.

Our firm will examine a variety of environments for information and potential impacts, including macro, industry, competitive, and internal environments. Market research and analysis can provide you with the data and intelligence needed to understand operational next steps and support necessary decision making.