Envisioning an organization’s future, capitalizing on opportunities, identifying strategic priorities, and implementing positive change


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning helps organizations proactively adapt to changing internal and external forces. The Hill Group provides clients with the tools they need to strategically navigate the dynamics of their industry’s competitive environment and to overcome pressing operational challenges.

Our approach is highly participatory, and we spend the time required to get to know your organization, its structure, its culture, and how best to identify strategic opportunities to achieve your goals. Our consultants design a customized planning process to identify and leverage strengths and mitigate the effects of weaknesses.

Through our process, we engage key stakeholders, improve organizational communication, and align resources to targeted strategic objectives, resulting in a focused strategy that targets outcome-specific, results-driven, and measurable solutions. Think of it as your organization’s tailor-made road-map to success.

Business Planning

The Hill Group consultants have worked with organizations, businesses, and corporations of all sizes to develop strategic business plans. Our process helps to define organizational plans and ensure that infrastructure is built to effectively and efficiently achieve those plans.

Final business plans provide a written description of your business’s future and can be used in many ways throughout the business life cycle. As a communication tool, it can help to convince talent to join the business venture, secure loans, attract investment capital, and develop strategic business partners.

As a future planning tool, it can serve as a road-map to help guide the various phases of your business development. And, as a future management tool, the strategies developed can aid in tracking, monitoring, and evaluating business progress.


Feasibility Analysis

A feasibility analysis can help to evaluate your potential business or project for success. Having an objective third party conduct the analysis will lend credibility to the study for potential investors, lending institutions, and partners.

Our team will assess the relevant economic, technical, legal, operational, and scheduling factors to ascertain the likelihood of implementing the project successfully. The feasibility analysis will then serve as a solid foundation for developing your business plan and identifying the factors needed to make your business efficient and effective.   Informed by the feasibility analysis, a business plan will pinpoint logistical and other business-related problems and solutions and create operational, marketing and fund development strategies.

The final feasibility study will provide your stakeholders with an analysis that results in a go/no-go decision.


Fund Development

Fund development planning helps to support an organizations strategic plan and provides a framework and foundation to secure the funding required to implement strategic objectives and program initiatives. The process of fund development planning helps to build an organization-wide culture of philanthropy and an broad understanding of fund development and why it is important.

Our consulting services result in a well-defined fund development strategy that supports your organizational goals. Through fund development planning, The Hill Group can help you develop strategies around relationship-building, solicitation, board recruitment, and board-staff fundraising training, as well as define time frames, accountability assignments, and progress and evaluation metrics that achieve targeted fund development results.



Market Research & Analysis

The Hill Group conducts market research and provides data analysis for a wide rage of business entities including government agencies, corporations, universities, health care systems, and nonprofit organizations. A market research and data analysis report will provide you with a synthesis of information around a specific question or research inquiry.

Our firm will examine a variety of environments for information and potential impacts, including macro, industry, competitive, and internal environments. Market research and analysis can provide you with the data and intelligence needed to understand operational next steps and support necessary decision making.