Stay ahead of the changing economic and political environment.

During uncertain political and economic times, government leaders face immense challenges in delivering on their mission to serve the public.  Now, more than ever, governments, much like private companies, must plan strategically for their future.   The Hill Group brings to bear experience across multiple industries in the private sector to help governments at all levels—federal, state, and local—to envision and execute policy outcomes to better serve constituents and to make a difference in their communities.

Achieve your mission through data-driven policy and management.

Governments face complex decisions daily and are forced by budgetary cost constraints to increasingly demonstrate the value of the programs and services they provide.   The Hill Group can assist you in understanding the data you are alreadycollecting and developing the processes necessary to gather additional data to  identify important trends and community needs and to inform strategic and operational decision making.   Our team will help you govern by performance through data-driven, evidence-based program and policy evaluation.

Trim waste without sacrificing results.

In tough and uncertain economic times, governments must balance demand for services with declining revenue streams.  The efficient and effective delivery of programs and services is paramount in today’s environment.  Our experts can help you plan ahead to better allocate your scarce resources to gain the greatest impact in your community, now and into the future.

Give your state or region a competitive advantage.

Workforce development is economic development, and a quality workforce is one of the most important factors for competiveness.  An abundant, educated, and high-quality workforce is vital for attracting and retaining employers in your region.  The Hill Group can enhance your region’s economic development initiatives by identifying high-growth industries and helping you to align your workforce needs with employer demand.

Proactively address difficult and complex policy issues.

Our increasingly complex society presents public sector leaders with challenging problems and opportunities, often with no one, clear path to attaining policy goals.  The Hill Group provides world-class expertise in data-driven policy development, analysis, and planning to help you cut through the rhetoric, tackle today’s toughest challenges, and convert them into opportunities for better government and stronger communities.  Through proven methods tailored to your unique needs, our team supports governments and agencies in making sound public policy decisions that improve focus, achieve results, and help you to better serve the public.