Helping PreK–12 Education

PreK-12 leaders are faced with the task of doing more with less, specifically in recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many schools and districts are now navigating policy updates and are dealing with incurred higher costs as a result of unplanned purchases during the pandemic. Prolonged school closures have spurred a higher demand for private PreK-12 education, forcing public schools to prove their value, and private schools to navigate the increase. 

The Hill Group helps our clients in PreK-12 education navigate through today’s complex environment while providing the tools they need to proactively plan for the challenges of tomorrow.


Rapid technology advancements, testing demands, student needs, and shrinking state and federal budgets all make delivering quality education a challenge. The Hill Group works with our PreK-12 education clients with strategic planning for short-term need and long-term success.


In today’s tough economic environment, PreK-12 educational institutions must frequently balance student services, fewer resources, and declining revenue streams. Whether you are considering expansion of services or cost-cutting measures, our experts can help you identify your issues and stretch your budget without compromising educational quality. The Hill Group can help you assess and ensure that your programs and their delivery are as effective and efficient as possible.


The Hill Group designs and deploys a variety of surveys to give educational leaders appropriate insight into their schools, as well as the needs of students and parents. Feedback surveys can help your school build a culture of quality and continuous improvement by enabling your many stakeholders to provide feedback. We can help your school utilize these survey tools as part of your continuous improvement process and strategic planning process.

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