Helping Nonprofits

Nonprofits are consistently faced with limited resources and increased demand, but those pressures are exacerbated following the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonprofits are fighting to prove their value and impact as shrinking funding and limited grant opportunities inhibit their ability to fulfill their missions. Additionally, nonprofit organizations are experiencing one of the largest workforce crises in their history, having a direct effect on the individuals they serve. 

The Hill Group has a rich history in partnering with the nonprofit community. Our employees are as involved in the community as the organizations we work with, and as a firm, we are dedicated to the development and continued improvement of community resources in our region and across the nation.


There are several factors that nonprofits must consider to continue to thrive: strong leadership, a concise and compelling mission, resources, and financial support to name a few. By helping to identify and strengthen these core components, The Hill Group can aid in developing an effective strategic approach to accomplishing goals that directly feed into the organization’s mission and vision for the community.


Each and every nonprofit organization, regardless of size or mission, faces that same pressure for accountability with limited resources. The Hill Group can help your nonprofit organization achieve maximum potential through business model development, financial assessment and management, and governance assessment “grant implementation and integration to align with funder expectations” and training.


Understanding the insights of staff and key stakeholders is vital for the nonprofit community. The Hill Group’s measurement work with nonprofits can help your organization build a culture of feedback and continuous improvement, increasing your organization’s capacity to fulfill its mission.

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