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Foundation leaders are continuously faced with the task of determining the best use of dollars and challenging whether depth versus breadth investments have a bigger impact in the community. In the last decade, there has been a consolidation of giving, and donors want to participate in active grantmaking, as well as make larger, more impactful gifts that lead to transformations. Donor advised funds will be a continuing trend in the years to come, and foundations must be prepared for an increased focus on performance ratios. COVID-19 underscored the importance of being nimble, and as a result, foundations are considering shorter planning horizons and faster gift turnaround, allowing donors and stakeholders to see their direct impacts. 

The Hill Group provides foundation clients the tools they need to proactively plan for the future, reach new funding goals, and define their impact.


The Hill Group helps our foundation clients navigate through today’s complex environment of meeting increased need while balancing resources. Whether your needs include embedded philanthropy, strategic planning, fund development, or help discussing a strategic merger or affiliation, The Hill Group offers a variety of strategic services to help your foundation with its needs, both immediately and long-term.


Increased demand for funding and grant opportunities has forced foundations to reconsider their organizational effectiveness. The Hill Group works with our foundation clients to ensure they have the infrastructure and technology in place to properly award and track grant dollars, engage with grantees, and engage with donors. Our implementation and integration ability has been a unique advantage in grantee success.


The Hill Group can help you discover how your grants and investments are making a short term and long-term impact. Through our impact assessments, we can measure the impact of your foundation or its programs on individuals and the economy by quantifying the direct, indirect, and induced impacts of activities and investments.

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