Measuring Organizational Performance

Business Analytics and Intelligence

Leaders need accurate, timely information to make decisions because it is difficult to manage what is not measured. The Hill Group designs and implements a variety of performance and diagnostic tools to measure organizational performance to support decision-making and enhance your organization’s culture and profitability. Many of these analytics tools serve as lead business indicators that can help predict and forecast financial and organizational performance. Our unique process of survey development, organizational measurement, and performance management is designed to support your organization through a variety of assistance.

Economic Impact Assessment

Economic impact assessments can measure the impact of an organization or its programs on the economy by quantifying the direct, indirect, and induced impacts of activities and investments. The Hill Group’s approach to measuring economic impact consists of defining appropriate parameters and developing an input-output model to measure total impact. Economic impact assessments can measure a number of changes that help to define the value or impact, including in business revenue, business profits, personal wages, and jobs.

Community Needs Assessment and Market Research

The Hill Group brings deep experience and expertise in quantitative and qualitative research and analysis to help organizations understand the existing and emerging needs of their customers, communities, and other constituents.  Whether for a federally-funded program that is required to complete a formal Community Needs Assessment, a company dedicated to unearthing the evolving needs and wants of its target markets, a healthcare system seeking to perform a Community Health Needs Assessment, or a government agency interested in informing new policies and practices with robust data-driven insights, The Hill Group can help.  

Employee Opinion, 360-Degree Feedback, and Service Quality Surveys

The Hill Group designs and deploys a variety of surveys to give leaders appropriate insight into their organizations, from identifying barriers to organizational effectiveness, to building a culture of quality. We can help your organization utilize these survey tools as part of your continuous improvement process and strategic planning process.

Studies show that utilizing the valuable information from employee opinion surveys can positively impact employee attraction, retention, and productivity, and increase long-term workplace satisfaction and engagement. The Hill Group can help your organization utilize this tool as part of your continuous cycle of planning and improvement. Our employee opinion surveys enable employees to anonymously contribute valuable, firsthand information about your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 

360-Degree Feedback Surveys require individuals in an organization to rate their own performance and compare it with performance ratings from others. Examples of other individuals who may provide feedback include leaders, peers, managers and supervisors, direct reports, customers (internal and external), and suppliers 360-degree survey results provide employees and employers with valuable information regarding strengths, growth opportunities, and priority improvement areas. Our clients typically assess individuals on their ability to serve, adapt, present, manage, support, negotiate, and relate to others. 

Internal and external service quality surveys can help your entire organization build a culture of service quality and continuous improvement. Studies demonstrate a strong correlation between financial performance and the emphasis that an organization places on service quality. Our external service quality surveys enable your customers to provide feedback on how well your employees provide consistent, prompt, and friendly service. Our internal service quality surveys enable departments within your organization to provide feedback on how well other departments are providing service and support.

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