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A quality workforce is one of the single most important factors for competitiveness. Driven by a fast moving, knowledge-based economy and the necessity for skilled workers in a more dynamic and volatile labor market, the business of workforce development is constantly changing. As the world navigates life post-pandemic, workforce and economic development will be pushed to the forefront. The Great Resignation, as many are naming it, will call in to question the predicted workforce development trends. 

The Hill Group provides clients with the research to forecast workforce and economic development trends, and the tools to prepare for the future.


Our economic development and workforce development strategy practice combines the firm’s strengths in strategy and facilitation with content expertise in economic development to provide a unique focus in the workforce development arena. The Hill Group can help your organization develop strategies to enhance regional competitiveness and success.


An abundant, educated, and high-quality workforce is vital for attracting and retaining employers in your region. The Hill Group can enhance your region’s economic development initiatives by identifying high-growth industries and implementing industry partnerships. Additionally, our firm has designed and implemented Workforce Summit Initiatives for both state and regional governments. The Summits are public-private policy forums designed to convene, educate, and mobilize the region’s key stakeholders and opinion leaders to align the supply-and-demand side of workforce development infrastructure.


The Hill Group’s measurement services help our workforce and economic development clients to make informed, data-driven decisions around employer needs and policy. Our survey work has helped employers across the region distinguish critical industries, identify shortage occupations within these industries, and understand critical skills needed within these occupations.

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