Process Improvement and Implementation Consulting

The Hill Group can help your organization maximize operational efficiency and minimize waste through process improvement counsel and assistance with management and operations. 

Our team is well versed in the principles of lean processes and continuous improvement. We partner with clients across industries and sectors to identify and implement short-term improvements and long-term solutions by assessing systems and processes, measuring and analyzing data associated with inputs, throughputs, and outputs of those systems and processes, and developing recommendations to trim waste, reduce variations, and optimize the allocation and use of precious human and financial resources to achieve goals. We also deploy strategic management and change management training, recognizing that the establishment of new systems and processes is of little use without buy-in from employees, customers, or other key stakeholders. 

Our business innovation services can provide substantial benefits to your organization, including greater strategic value, higher quality products and services with reduced variation, increased operational efficiency through resource utilization, accelerated time to market, strengthened bottom line, and improved customer satisfaction.

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Business Model Development

Your business model is how you transform a good idea into a profit-generating and impact-producing good or service. A business model articulates how an organization meets the needs of clients and customers and does so in a way that generates adequate revenue – a concept that is equally important for for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

The Hill Group will work with you to design a business model that maximizes your revenue potential by developing a value proposition and pricing structure that can be conveyed effectively to customers, vendors, and partners.

Financial Assessment and Management

Financial management is one of the most important responsibilities within a business and aligns tactical practices to business strategy. Strong financial management processes are designed to provide clear and concise information that supports corporate decision making and strategy. Management decisions impact profits, cash flow, and the overall financial condition and performance of the company. 

Our team can help align management principles and financial practices, develop strong internal control systems and fiscal policies, optimize fund utilization and profit allocation, analyze contingency, innovation, and expansion reserve requirements, and implement cost controls. We can also assist with strategic financial management practices such as forecasting, risk management, and revenue development plans that keep your management team focused on the long-term organizational vision and goals.

Turnaround, Business Transformation, and Change Management

Turnaround and business transformation are often necessary to maintain growth in today’s highly competitive marketplace. The Hill Group can help facilitate your business turnaround or transformation and determine the individual, system, technology, team, or department change management projects required for effective performance improvement.

Our team can help with the implementation of business transformation strategies and design plans to address the implementation challenges that often arise in creating change. Effective change management goes beyond the technical tasks undertaken and involves the process, tools, and techniques used to manage the people side of change to achieve the required outcomes. We can help you develop a focused plan that helps employees move, embrace, adopt, and utilize the change necessary for the transformation effort in their day-to-day work.

Start-Up, Acquisition, Integration, and Closure

Start-up entities are often rich with domain expertise without the necessary functional capacities for effective and efficient business operations.  The Hill Group can help nascent organizations across sectors and industries to develop and execute operational plans to optimize financial and human resources.  The partnership between a team of passionate entrepreneurs and seasoned management advisors can help to disrupt industries, penetrate new markets, and achieve transformational impacts.

When an organization seeks to wind-down operations, divest a business unit, or engage in a fundamental change transaction like a merger or acquisition, The Hill Group can help to ensure a smooth transition.  Our team can develop and manage the wind-down process, capture and catalog institutional knowledge for future use, assist with executive and employee transitions, and help to ensure that this change – whether meticulously planned or sudden – is executed gracefully, thoughtfully, effectively, and efficiently.

Governance Assessment and Development

Effective and appropriate governance is key to the success of organizations across sectors. Often, the partnership between an organization, its leadership, and the Board of Directors dictates an organization’s ability to fulfill its mission and serve its constituents. The Hill Group can perform a governance assessment to ensure the board is meeting its legal obligations and basic commitments to the organization and that its bylaws and governing documents reflect those responsibilities. Our team can also assist in the development of the board of directors to ensure the board is operationally sound, understands the mission, vision, and values of the organization, and recognizes their responsibilities to help the organization achieve success.

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