Case Study:

Market Research Study to Determine Customer Interest

Telecommunications Manufacturer



Our Role

  • Market Research
  • Survey Design
  • Data Analysis
  • Strategy Formulation


A global telecommunications manufacturer desired to determine current customer interest in purchasing additional value-added products and services. The Hill Group also assessed customer acquisition, retention, and penetration by customer segment, particularly for value-added services and product packages.


The consulting team employed a market research model to address our client’s need. A telephone survey targeting current customers, large enterprises, and telecommunications corporations was the primary data collection instrument. The survey addressed customer acquisition, current customer relationships, and potential product and service offerings. A complete analysis of the data followed, including the development of an Opportunity Factor Equation to rank product and service opportunities based upon customer perspectives. Ultimately, this survey helped our client to prioritize opportunities and allocate resources to products and services likely to make the greatest impact in cost savings and revenue potential.