Enhancing an organization’s culture, profitability, organizational efficiency, and financial performance

Leaders need accurate, timely information to make decisions because it is difficult to manage what is not measured.  The Hill Group designs and implements a variety of performance and diagnostic measurement tools that can be utilized to support decision-making and enhance your organization’s culture and profitability.  Many of these tools serve as lead business indicators that can help predict and forecast organizational and financial performance.  Our unique process of survey development, organizational measurement, and performance management is designed to support your organization through a variety of assistance including:

    • Designing specific instruments to meet your goals
    • Managing operations and logistics
    • Providing a help desk for troubleshooting
    • Assessing results and identifying opportunities to improve service and operational quality
    • Benchmarking industry standards for quality comparison
    • Identifying issues and recommending corrective action plans
    • Reporting results in real time
    • Developing tactical and strategic plans to facilitate improvement based on assessment results

Survey Development

Employee Opinion Surveys are the most efficient management tools to identify specific barriers to organizational effectiveness.  We can help your organization utilize this tool as part of your continuous improvement process and strategic planning process.  Our employee opinion surveys enable employees to anonymously contribute valuable, firsthand information about your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.  The Hill Group’s employee opinion surveys are administered online, by phone, and/or paper.

New Hire Surveys are specialized opinion surveys that provide your organization with valuable information and feedback on employee attraction and retention. New hire surveys are provided to new employees at time of hire and then at periodic intervals in the future to gather information on the quality of your organization’s employment proposition.  There are many elements that comprise an employment proposition (pay, benefits, hours, parking, supervisor quality, etc.).  Data from this survey will help an organization understand what employees value in the employment proposition and their level of satisfaction with the organization.

Exit Surveys and Interviews are conducted once an employee separates from an organization.  They are specialized opinion surveys that can provide your organization with valuable information on potential drivers of turnover.  This information can be used to continually improve your organization’s employment proposition.  There are many elements that comprise an employment proposition (pay, benefits, hours, parking, supervisor quality, etc.).  Data from this survey will help an organization understand what employees value in the employment proposition and identify critical opportunities to improve organizational performance.

Internal and External Service Quality Surveys can help your organization build a culture of service quality and continuous improvement.  Studies demonstrate a strong correlation between financial performance and the emphasis that an organization places on service quality.  Our external service quality surveys enable your customers to provide feedback on how well your employees provide consistent, prompt, and friendly service.  Our internal service quality surveys enable departments within your organization to provide feedback on how well other departments are providing service and support.

360-Degree Leadership Feedback Surveys require individuals to rate their own performance and compare it with performance ratings from others.  Examples of other individuals who may provide feedback include peers, managers and supervisors, direct reports, customers (internal and external), and suppliers.  360-degree survey results provide employees with valuable information regarding strengths, growth opportunities, and priority improvement areas.   Our clients typically assess individuals on their ability to serve, adapt, present, manage, support, negotiate, and relate to others.  The Hill Group can customize this survey to meet your needs.

Organizational Measurement and Performance Management

Organizational and Core Competency Identification and Development will differentiate your organization and attract customers, investors, and employees.  Core competencies vary among organizations and industries.  They may be in the form of unique processes, technical knowledge, or relationships with key stakeholders.   The Hill Group team will work collaboratively with you to identify your organizations core competencies by exploring three key questions:

      1. Does the competency provide benefit to the consumer?
      2. Is the competency difficult for competitors to imitate?
      3. Can the competency be leveraged to many products, services, and/or markets?

We provide a unique approach to organization and core competency development.  Once core competencies are identified, training programs to align workforce skills with core competencies will be developed, additional resources will be leveraged to improve deficient organizational areas, systems for core competency monitoring will be designed, and the benefits of your core competencies will be communicated to internal and external audiences.

Integrated Talent Management ensures that work has been allocated appropriately throughout the organization.  The accurate and timely measure of individual employee performance is necessary to align organizational performance with overall goals and objectives.  We will work with you to design a talent performance management tool that will help to drive organizational success and sustainability by consolidating performance reviews and employee surveys into one process, reducing tracking and reviewing time and cost through automated reporting, and eliminating human input errors.